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Scholarship Committee

This committee is responsible for the recruitment and selection of Scholarship Recipients.   Applications are evaluated using a blind process by a committee composed of renowned vacuum coating technology experts selected from the industry and academia.  In addition, Scholarship Recipients are invited to attend the SVC Technical Conference and to present papers about their work, rounding out their education through exposure in our industry.  In the words of a recent scholarship winner:  "Attending the Technical Conference was an exceptional experience. It provided me with an opportunity to fully appreciate the depth and breadth of vacuum coating technology as well as to meet some of the world experts in this field. In this respect, the Scholarship Program of the SVC Foundation is much more than a check".

Click here to download the Student Winners from 2017.

The SVC Scholarship Funds

Scholarship Committee

James Hilfiker , Chair
J.A. Woollam Co., Inc
Ahmet Erlat
GE Global Research Center
Karin Scherer
Jacek Wojcik
McMaster University
Jim DiBattista
Darly Custom Tech

Scholarship Application and Information

DEADLINE 3 December 2018


Mailing and Email Address:
SVC Foundation, Inc.
PO Box 10202
Albuquerque, NM  87184


SVC Foundation Privacy Policy

The SVC Foundation's Scholarship Fund is intended to further the education of people entering or already participating in a course of study related to vacuum coating technology at an accredited institution. Anyone attending an accredited technical, vocational, two-year, undergraduate or graduate school may apply, including students and practitioners already working in the vacuum coating technology field. Scholarships provide a financial award to be used toward:
1.  Tuition, books and fees
2.  Travel to appropriate conferences
Preference will be given to practioners, undergraduate and graduate students whose major is engineering, physics, materials science and other fields related to vacuum coating.

It is anticipated that three or more scholarship awards will be made annually. However, the SVC Foundation and its Scholarship Committee may vary the number, amounts and types of awards based on factors such as funds available as well as the number and quality of applications received.

Am I eligible to apply?
Any individual who is entering or is currently enrolled in a course of study related to vacuum coating technology at an accredited educational institution may apply. Past scholarship winners are welcome to re-apply, provided that they still meet the required criteria.

How do I apply?
You can apply between August 15th and the December due date of each calendar year. Applications must reach the SVC Foundation office by the December due date.  The guidelines and application materials may be revised from year to year. Please bookmark this web page and return between August and November of each year to view the current application materials. To be considered for the SVC Foundation scholarship you must:

- Complete and sign the application form after reading the "Helpful Hints" paragraph below.

- Submit one current official certified educational transcript.

- Submit two scholarship recommendation forms, including at least one from a professor at your educational institution.

- Send your application to the SVC Foundation office (mail or email) no later than December 3rd.

How are decisions made?
The SVC Foundation appoints a scholarship selection committee to review scholarship applicant materials. The selection committee reviews all materials submitted and considers and weighs a variety of factors such as:

- Relevance of applicant's field of study to vacuum coating technology and the goals of the Society of Vacuum Coaters and its charitable and educational foundation;

- The applicant's academic achievement, including grades, courses selected, interdisciplinary skills and interests;

- The applicant's personal qualities including motivation, social values, maturity, and goals;

- Financial need.

What else should I know?
Any number of students from a single institution may apply. However, SVC reserves the right to base selections, in part, on achieving diversity among scholarship recipients and focusing on world-wide regions primarily served by SVC.
Scholarship awards may only be used for tuition, books and other approved educational expenses in accordance with IRS regulations.

Past Scholarship Winners CLICK HERE

SVC Foundation, Inc.
PO Box 10202
Albuquerque, NM  87184

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