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Mission Statement

One of the SVC's long-term goals has always been to support charitable, educational, and scientific activities. The SVC Foundation was established in July 2002 to help realize this goal.

As its first initiative, the Foundation created a scholarship program aimed at supporting enterprising students and practitioners who have an interest in furthering their education in the field of vacuum coating technology. Since its inception, this program has awarded over $100,000 in scholarships to students from the United States, Canada, China, Lithuania and Spain. In 2014 we expect to give out as many as five new scholarships.

We are striving to make a difference in the lives of our students; quoting a 2007 award recipient: "I receiving this scholarship is amazing; I thought I would never get it. Thank you for notifying me, and giving me this scholarship, which will allow me to continue doing research through next year".

Please continue reading about our activities in the following pages and learn how you can get involved in supporting the mission of the SVC Foundation.

Our Board of Directors

Paolo Raugei,
SVC Foundation Chair
Ed Wegener

Paula L. Becker, Esq.
Secretary, Special Events Co-Chair
Fil-Tech, Inc.

Wolfgang Decker
Special Events Co-Chair
Iacten Consulting
Bryant Hichwa
SVC Board Representative
Professor Emeritus, Sonoma State University
Caitlin A. Mathey
Cacejen Vacuum Inc.
James N. Hilfiker
Scholarship Committee Chair
J.A. Woollam Co., Inc. |
Peggy Sullivan
Materion Advanced Materials Technologies and Services, Inc.
John Felts
Past Chair, Webmaster
Nano Scale Surface Systems, Inc.

Past BOD Members
Frank Zimone
Pamela T. Luecke

Jim Seeser
Steve Sedlak

John B. Fenn, Jr.  

John Marcantonio

Traci Langevin

Tony Broomfield

Leon McCrary

Elizabeth Josepheson

Don McClure
Ira Miller

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Subject: Thank you SVC

I am very thankful to SVC for the 2008 Scholarship award. This scholarship gave me the opportunity to attend such a wonderful technical conference which is not only a technical conference but a school where I learned a lot
from various talks and presentations. I took short courses/tutorials from the best experts in their fields. I congratulate SVC on organizing such a great conference. For a student, it's a blessing in the sense that not only it provides some financial support for the research but also provide the opportunities to meet with folks that are really expert in various fields. I have to say that I learned valuable knowledge in SVC conference2009 from the
discussions which one cannot find in books. Another thing that I noticed at the conference was the welcoming attitude of SVC folks and in particular to the students, which I appreciate, as a graduate student, very much. The exhibition at the conference was like a laboratory, where many experiments going on all the day and one can go to any stall of interest and learn. It was wonderful. I am impressed by the activity and will continue to keep contact with SVC in future.
Best regards

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PO Box 10202
Albuquerque, NM 87184-0202 USA

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